What we are doing?

Our method is simple. We develop products / services, promote them and of course making a suitable business model.


Based on what we decide which project to devlop? Simply our hunch!

We always choose the things that will make us happy while doing, of course we research the economic angle. We still need to make something :)

playing at the office

After a brainstorming session, in our idea room, we move the idea to the profitability stage where we check the follows:


  1. Will the user gain value? are we solving a problem?
  2. If so, how big is our audience?
  3. Who is our audience and in which market and how can we help them.
  4. Technical specifications – based on our research.
  5. Design and Development.
  6. Promoting and marketing.
  7. Monetization.


The process and our mutual creation proves itself, we know that the power of a group with a shared interest can bring glorious outcomes, thus we invite you all, investors and / or entrepreneurs to invest in yourself and us and promote you own ideas with us, we are always happy to meet awesome people and if possible make you part of Vortex3D as well.