We start(up) a new way

We start(up) a new way

Welcome to our new site!.

It is time for you to congratulate us :). Nowadays, we are entering into our new offices, so our team is now working as one unit. We are all focusing on one target, sharing with the world our creativity, innovation and the fun! Of course, we have another important goals, for example, increasing our market share, profitability etc. We have already run a few projects which are profitable, and which will be presented in the next posts. Where they will be dealt with in depth. Naturally,  there are also failures and not only successes, and we want you to be aware of. This approach will be implemented throughout the next posts. In our next post, Our new project, “Forms”, will be discussed in detail.

In sort it is going to be exciting as well as useful!

some photos from the new office




the purple wall at the office-Vortex3d

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