Infinityleap – one of our flag projects,Infinityleap was made in order to lead the new tech revolution!

Infinityleap deals with all the immersive technologies, such as: Augmented reality, Virtual reality, computer vision, IOT and wearables. Although these areas haven’t fully broke the consumer boundaries (and we still have a long road ahead of us), they are the hottest areas in the industry, and only getting warmer!

We at Infinityleap exposing the latest innovations, of tech companies from all around the world (weather huge or small), in order to raise awareness to the upcoming revolution.

Furthermore we give tools and services for anybody who wants to promote his ideas or technologies with the power of the community. Whether its connections between entrepreneurs to investors or connections with other entrepreneurs.

Infinityleap offers a lot more, enter our website and see for yourselves and if you find it interesting you can join the community or just contact us even if it’s only to say hello!


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28 בAugust 2016

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