Finally, after intensive efforts, we launched it!

Finally, after intensive efforts, we launched it!

It has taken 10 days, and finally, after intensive efforts, we have completed another project. The new project is called “Tfasim”.  the production process has been as follow:

  1. Being effected by success of our last project,  and knowing the importance of forms, we have naturally thought of putting all the commercial forms together.
  2. Our next step has been checking the profitability. by using statistical data like the volume of searching, number of keywords and the intensity competition. we have been able to decide weather it is worthwhile.
  3. Provided that, the project is profitable, our next step has been checking the technical feasibility, For example, verifying that it is possible the put all the forms together, so that, it will be easily available for the user.
  4. The last step has been building the site. Who’s address is : Tfasim . click and enjoy.


Now its only the beginning. In order to make money we a going to work pretty hard (using SEO/ PPC/SMM/SMO). Of coerce, we will keep you informed whenever necessary.

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