About us

Vortex3D was founded in 2014 by three young Israeli entrepreneurs.

“We founded Vortex3D when the three of us just sat at home, thinking how we can combine our knowledge and abilities, as software, internet and marketing people we immediately thought of internet products development and marketing, such as websites and applications, but we did not want to do only one boring thing so we founded Vortex3D”

Today Vortex3D is a boutique software house with the vision of creating our own awesome projects. We are not selling our services anymore, every single project is a fruit of our own imagination, and our own hand creation.

Beside the three of us there are a lot of great people, with the same mindset as ours and the same passion.

Our door is always open for interesting entrepreneurs and investors, who wants to be a part of this great group called Vortex3D, in order to make more of the cool stuff, and by that fulfilling our vision to serve Millions of people with awesome apps and games!


vortex3d-about The founders:

Yair Viner – deals with UI / UX his all life, marketing and biz dev. Make sure every project is a success!
Amit Eliav – senior programmer, High computer unit graduate in the IDF. Managing and developing projects, in his hands each project turns into gold!
Vladimir Hotiakov – Software engineer and android specialist. loves turning ideas to reality.
Partners and Investors:

Kfir Rafael Smith – Programmer and an entrepreneur for almost 10 years.
Shay Itah – mobile marketing GURU!
Infinityleap – Business partners and investors.
Needya – Investors.
Vorx – Investors.
CXS Ventures – Investors.